Erotic Hypnosis – Free 30 min session

Are you ready to try something that will “wrap around your mind and powerfully stroke your desires”?

Think of erotic hypnosis as guided sexual meditation.

It’s a tool you can use to:

  • experience total relaxation
  • dig deep into your sexual fantasies
  • come closer to your partner
  • and much more!

I’ve recorded an 4 hr Eroic Hypnosis audiobook, including three 30-min erotic hypnosis sessions, and I’m giving away a full 30 min session.

Here’s a 5 min preview:

The session I’m giving away is the vulgar session, so if you love straight forward dirty talk, ASMR-style, this session will be ear-candy.

Are you ready for Erotic Hypnosis?

Download for free!

Click here to read more about both books (link to Amazon)

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