Erotic Hypnosis: How to prepare a session (including link to a free audio sample)

In this introduction post, you get all you need to prepare for an erotic hypnosis session. I will guide you through the basics of negotiation boundaries, building a relaxed environment, and giving suggestions on talking for a maximum hypnotic effect. If you are looking to be hypnotized yourself, I strongly recommend reading my free erotic hypnosis scrips here and listen to the free sample of my Erotic hypnosis audiobook on Audbile here. I hope you enjoy this post! 

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How To Cure Premature Ejaculation Fast and Easy

Picture this: There you are, going at it, loving it… Thinking to yourself..

Don’t come…don’t come…don’tcomedon’tcomedon’tco…fuck!

Too late. You’ve come.

So you roll over and pretend you’re asleep, but in reality, you’re scrolling through your phone looking for Cosmo’s 10 Step Guide to Avoiding Premature Ejaculation. It’s bollocks, so you find Men’s Health, and that’s even worse.

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Femdom Short Story: Punishment at the Mall

A couple pulls into a mall’s parking lot and she parks the car. This excursion will not be a normal one as he sits in the passenger’s seat, looking slightly uncomfortable. The reason for that is the fact he has a cock ring on, a thong, along with a large butt plug – all of that concealed under his pants. She steps from the car, a smirk playing on her face as her heeled boots click against the concrete. “C’mon,” she says.

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Female Led Relationships

It might be difficult trying to remember when your sexuality was first awakened and how you felt.  Similarly, it might be difficult remembering that first realization that you wanted to adopt the role of being a dominant woman, specifically sexually.  Slowly, it dawns on you that vanilla sex might never be quite enough to satisfy you completely.  Perhaps it was someone else who introduced you to this lifestyle and you realized how much more this extra dimension brought into your life.  But when the relationship ended, new partners never had that same sexual proclivity and so you let it lie but thought you would never be fully satisfied again.  So you resigned yourself to that fact and waited for someone else to come along and to light your fire. And then, you find someone who you are totally in love with and you settle down into marriage, never having discussed this desire because you feel embarrassed or a little afraid that he might think you’re a freak.

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