Erotic Hypnosis: How to prepare a session (including link to a free audio sample)

In this introduction post, you get all you need to prepare for an erotic hypnosis session. I will guide you through the basics of negotiation boundaries, building a relaxed environment, and giving suggestions on talking for a maximum hypnotic effect. If you are looking to be hypnotized yourself, I strongly recommend reading my free erotic hypnosis scrips here and listen to the free sample of my Erotic hypnosis audiobook on Audbile here. I hope you enjoy this post! 

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My Intro To the Female Led Relationships (FLR) Lifestyle

I have been inspired to write about my own intro to female led relationships (FLR), because it so radically changed my life and my relationship with sex.  I am a female in my early thirties whose sex life was what could always be described as satisfying, but after reading 50 Shades, something in my sexual psyche was awoken and I knew I must explore it further. The idea of sub/dom relationships always titillated my imagination and I was more than happy to try out a submissive role and found it erotic and stimulating.  However, my partner confessed that he would like to try out adopting the role of submissive as well and I agreed that it was only fair that he get a chance to live out his fantasies too.

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How To Find A Mistress: Online Dating Advice For Submissive Men Part 1

I’ve personally come across many dating profiles that immediately turn me off, some of which just try too hard to explain the obvious in simple terms that could have been a little cleverer. Coming across a profile with a bio that says nothing but “Looking for a sexy woman to dominate me” makes me immediately look elsewhere. You’re on a Fetish app; you don’t need to state the obvious. So without further ado, let me cut to the chase about how you can find a mistress online and set up an attractive online profile in a way that makes you stand out.

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Slice of Life – Femdom Short Story, Part 3

It was three dates later with Brandon until I invited him home. During these couple of weeks, we texted and face-timed. A lot. We talked about everything that we liked in more detail. That was when I realized that you should never surprise a man by the fact that you’re a dominant woman. I thought I’d have to invite them over and surprise them with a whip, hoping they would be into that kind of thing. But that never turned out the way I wanted it to. Even when they were into it, it would all seem too forced, like it was an act on display.

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