Femdom Short Story: Punishment at the Mall

A couple pulls into a mall’s parking lot and she parks the car. This excursion will not be a normal one as he sits in the passenger’s seat, looking slightly uncomfortable. The reason for that is the fact he has a cock ring on, a thong, along with a large butt plug – all of that concealed under his pants. She steps from the car, a smirk playing on her face as her heeled boots click against the concrete. “C’mon,” she says.

Her attire is less than modest, pumps, a tight skirt and lots of cleavage. Today she dressed with a cause. She grabs her purse, which contains more surprises.

They enter the large building, going from store to store browsing. She is purposefully going slowly, as he shifts from foot to foot. The plug has been in for almost an hour and a half, along with the ring. She knows his dick is getting swollen and starting to ache. They go to Victoria’s Secret, picking out some new underwear for the both of them. He looks immensely horny, needy and agitated. A few more stores and she decides a dressing room with no employees lurking will be the perfect place to perform his punishment.

She leads him into a large dressing room and pulls the curtain closed. She turns around and sternly says, “Strip down to your panties.”

“Yes, Mistress.” His face is reddening as she puts her purse on one of the hooks and sits down on the plastic chair in the corner in front of the full-length mirror that covers the wall. “On your knees,”

He obeys, looking down as she decides what to do first. “Crawl to me.” She unzips her skirt, pulling it down revealing her black lacy thong. Spreading her legs wide she grabs him by the back of the head, pressing his face against her cunt, and grinding herself against him.

“Do you know why you’re being punished?”

He speaks, his words vibrating against her cunt. She feels herself getting wetter and wetter.

“You emptied yourself into me.” she says in disgust, “Filling me with your come without permission. You didn’t have permission to come either. And when I told you to stop you kept fucking me. You broke lots of rules you little slut.”

He nods his head.

“Now I’m going to play with you until I think you’ve fulfilled your punishment. It’s not over until I say and I’d be wary of breaking any more rules.”

He nods again because he knows better than to start to eat her before she gives him permission.

“Give it a kiss baby,” she commands and he does so, his lips going wet with her juices. She reaches up and pulls on a large, thick dildo and a strap. His eyes go wide as she presses the dildo between her pussy’s lips. “Kiss it baby, but don’t touch my cunt.”

He nods, kissing the dildo while her juices drip down it. She twists the base and it begins to vibrate, buzzing against her clit causing her to moan lightly.

She slips it into herself, “Keep kissing it and be mindful not to touch my cunt.”

She fucks herself until come coats the dildo and his mouth. “Clean my hole and the dildo.”

He licks it all up.

“Good boy.”

She studies him, his cock thick with veins. She could tell it is in need of relief, but she feels like toying with him a bit longer. “I’m sorry, I’m being rude. You need some pleasure too. Stand up, bend over,”

He does as he is told and she places her hands on his hips, moving down to his ass. He whimpers as she slowly pulls out the butt plug. She walks around to his face, “Open. Now.”

He shakes his head in refusal but, she grabs his face, “I’m not asking again.”

He opens his mouth, casting his eyes away pouting.

“Good boy.”

She returns to his ass, teasing him a little more before sliding two fingers inside of him, loosening him for the large faux dick about to rip him apart.

“You like that little slut?”

“Mmm, yes mistress,”

“You want a cock in your ass, whore?”


She attaches the dildo to the strap and puts it on rubbing it against his entrance before slowly pushing it in. He moans quietly, small cries slipping from his mouth.

“Shh baby, we can’t have anyone hear us,” She slams the entire length roughly into him and he cries out. She pounds his ass as he fists his hands, knuckles turning white as desperate sounds slip from his mouth.

“May I please touch my cock?” He begs, whimpering every syllable.

“This is a punishment ass slut, don’t think I’m going to let you receive any pleasure.”

“Y-yes ma’am.” he lifts his ass higher, his upper body pushing down, head bowed.

“Good slut.”She fucks his ass until she is satisfied, coming against the vibrator on the strap-on twice to his desperate, pathetic moans. She slowly pulls out, leaving him gasping for air, trying to control his breathing.

“Lie down.”He obeys, looking up at her; she slowly lowers her ass onto his face suffocating him. “Begin eating me.”

His tongue hungrily licks away, moaning into her. “You may touch yourself, whore.” He thanks her, muffled as he moans louder, she watches him please his swollen cock, hand moving quickly over his large vein covered member.

He begins begging to come, the vibrations of his voice against her ass and pussy caused her to get even hornier.

She stands and says, “Come on your face. Now.”

“Thank you, Mistress!!” He moans closing his eyes in relief as a hot load shoots from his cock splattering against his cheeks and mouth.

She runs her finger along his face, scooping up the come. “Look at this mess,” she offers her finger to his mouth and he graciously sucks it clean, swirling his tongue around her finger.

“Good boy,” she pulls her finger from his mouth, whipping more come from his face, then bringing the same finger to her mouth, locking eyes with him as she licks it clean.

She redresses herself and then dresses him, whipping off the dildo before putting it and the butt plug away, along with his cock ring. She kisses him gently, dripping with passion and love.

“I love you, baby,”

He smiles against her lips,

“I love you too,”

And with that, they leave the mall hand in hand.

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